A Course in Miracles for children

A Course In Miracles Children’s Edition


EVERY chapter of the text, EVERY lessons from the workbook, and EVERY question in the manual are finally transformed into a gently simplified version tailored to the young minds of our children.

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Planting the seed:

What does it teach?

Forgiveness & Willingness

This course exemplifies the concept of forgiveness, encourages the release of past hurts, and fosters a willingness to embrace the future. It aims to empower children to become the best version of themselves for the benefit of everyone they encounter.

Peace & Mindfulness

We aim to teach children how to process their thoughts, enabling them to take ownership of their minds and consciously choose peace, unity, and harmony in their interactions with others. This approach empowers children to develop self-awareness and positive decision-making skills.

Gratitude & Helpfulness

From this course, children learn to appreciate what they have and discover their potential. The curriculum emphasizes cultivating their talents and abilities, fostering a sense of responsibility to help others, and contributing to the betterment of the community.

Objectivity & Empathy

This course strives to help children understand different perspectives, encouraging them to see situations from other people's points of view. It emphasizes the significance of caring for others, fostering a sense of empathy and compassion. The goal is to instill in children the importance of kindness and consideration in their interactions with those around them.

Positivity & Optimism

Within this course, children learn to perceive the world in alignment with the emotions they desire. It involves translating complex psychological concepts into simple understandings, fostering an ability to navigate their feelings effectively. Additionally, the curriculum guides them in cultivating trust in the universe, empowering them to make choices that lead to happiness.

Compassion & Respect

Due to what they learn of universal laws, children who learn this course naturally adapt to the world, making it easier for them to be more respectful towards everyone in their lives. This leads to a natural sense of appreciation for those who have supported them, as they recognize the interconnectedness of their actions and the positive influences in their lives.

Resilience & Perseverance

This course aims to empower children to pursue their unique goals and express their innate personalities. It fosters perseverance, equipping them to overcome life's obstacles, and cultivates resilience, providing the strength needed to become the best version of themselves. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of embracing individuality and building the necessary skills for navigating challenges with determination and adaptability.

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Do A Course In Miracles With Your Child This Year!

Is it really "A Course In Miracles"?

Clarity of Concepts:

While it's not feasible to simplify every metaphysical and existential topic, we shed light on as many concepts in each section that may typically be challenging to teach a child.

Engaging Narration:

Originally created for parents and guardians to read with their 3-8-year-old children, we've discovered that its clear, enthusiastic, and reader-friendly approach is enjoyed by the whole family.

 Analogies and Metaphors:

We do our best at expressing the beauty of the course through child-friendly analogies and metaphors, with realizations that even surprise adult students.

A Head Start:

While not every child may be able to read it themselves yet, the simplicity of the language and gentle approach makes application of its truth accessible assisting prevention of distortion, so they won’t have to unlearn as many mistakes later.

Interactive Examples:

It's often helpful to relate concepts with examples from one's life. While glasses, superhero powers, and even ice cream are frequently used, this is designed to bridge the gap to our little one's minds, enabling them to master liberation.

 Message Preservation:

Everyone interprets ACIM a bit differently; however, despite simplifying it, we've done our best to preserve the core message offered in the course. Not every single word is transformed into a child-friendly format, but the message is.

 Parent Empowerment:

We all want to instill values and insights in our children and ensure they learn all they can to be the best they can be. If you've been attempting to teach your children ACIM, we created this to empower you to find another way of sharing the same truth, an alternative approach to reaching your child, and possibly even "a better way".

Guiding young hearts to inner-light.

"A Course In Miracles Children's Edition" offers a remarkable approach to introducing spirituality to young minds, emphasizing the transformative power of healing and forgiveness. As a parent, incorporating this children's edition into your child's life provides a beautiful opportunity to explore the connection between your kids and the teachings of ACIM, fostering a deep understanding of love and compassion. Through positive affirmations, visuals, and activities tailored for children, this program encourages a mindset of kindness and empathy. Initiating conversations about meditation and explaining ACIM in child-friendly language allows you to navigate spiritual discussions with your child, nurturing a sense of peace and mindfulness. This unique resource becomes a bridge between your child and the profound teachings of ACIM, making spirituality an accessible and enriching aspect of their growing journey to God.

You Can Give The Gift!

With our “Every Home Project”, We are connecting applicants anonymously to donors, offering the gift of receiving their own copy if they are unable to afford it themselves.

Donating to provide underprivileged children with books offers a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it fosters educational equality by giving children from low-income backgrounds access to valuable learning resources, empowering them to break the cycle of poverty. Additionally, it promotes literacy and cognitive development, laying the foundation for future academic success. Beyond academics, books open new worlds, stimulate imagination, and instill a love for reading, enhancing overall well-being. By supporting such initiatives, donors contribute to creating a more equitable society, where every child has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.